Typical "women's jobs" or "men's jobs" - that's foolish ideas! Girls' Day 2019 - 03/2019

Girlsday 2019 bei Leesys

Girls often want to be a businesswoman or a hairdresser. Businesswomen work in shops and sell things. For example, clothes or food. Hairdressers cut and dye hair. But there are many more jobs. Occupations that girls may be good too. But they have not thought of. For example, occupations where men often work. Like a computer scientist or carpenter. Computer scientists work on how computers work. Carpenters build furniture such as shelves or tables.

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At Girls'Day, girls can get to know these professions.

At Leesys, the girls were able to get a taste of the profession as an electronics technician for industrial engineering. The young ladies enthusiastically tried the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly and supported during the function test.

That the Girl's Day works is shown by the following facts. Since the action began in the year 2001, more than 1.8 million girls have participated. The Girls' Day motivated more than 40 percent of the girls for their later apprenticeship. About one third of all participating companies receive applications for the training of Girl's Day participants.

A great success! We hope, we can welcome one of the girls, who visited us on Girl's Day 2019, as apprentice at Leesys.