Car2Car / Car2Cloud Communication


The future mobility will be driven by intelligent transport systems like the Connected Car. The intelligent car will be enabled to communicate constantly and can exchange information about traffic, weather conditions and driving parameters of surrounding cars. The so-called ‘Smart Car’ will be able to adapt velocity and route to all driving circumstances and traffic conditions, providing maximum efficiency and comfort. The intelligent transport systems will not only help us to avoid traffic accidents, but lead to advantages of improved energy efficiencies on our roadways and in society.


To enable communication between cars the interface to the environment will be of increasing importance. One has to distinguish between ‘Car2Car’ and ‘Car2Cloud’ communication. Car2Car (C2C) or Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication is focused on the exchange of information and data between cars to inform the driver in advance about critical or dangerous situations. Through the evolution of mobile communication technology there is additional potential in Car2Cloud communication. Big data volumes can be collected, examined and processed, and use of the information will lead to new and innovative services.


In the Smart Car of tomorrow there will be less car and more electronics. Many functions taken over by the driver today will be assumed by the autonomous car in the future. In future, the driving pleasure will be defined by additional activities the driver can do during travelling by car.

Only the car producers and automotive industry suppliers who have the adequate know-how will be successful. Leesys GmbH offers over 100 years of communication technology experience and competence.


We offer to our customers the possibility to shape their products using these advanced developments and to create the connections to the technologies of the future.





Control your House from your Smartphone


In Smart Home applications, the Smart Home Center (SHC) and the router share the communication. While the router is the connection to the outside, to manage Internet, telephone and broadcast radio signals, assumes the SHC the communication inside the house. Whether status display, operation or automated control: Networking the home is now just beginning. There are estimations that in 2020 more than 50 billion appliances will be connected to the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the connection between physical devices and a virtual model stored within the internet. A convergence of routers and SHC can begin to develop in the future.

Since the router and the SHC assume increasingly important in smart home functions the security of the data communication must be considered. When accessing the router one can control the data traffic of the entire network where potential weaknesses may lead to the risk of attacks. An attack on sensors and actuators in smart home applications can have momentous actions: Opening shutters and dormer windows would give burglars new entry opportunities. The cryptographic technique has to be improved and updated, also the hardware has to be made secure. Within the WLAN technology the WPA and WPA2 protocols are essential.  With over 100 years of experience in communication technology, we at Leesys can support this more important and fast growing technology to a Smarter Home and society. Our vision: ‘Secure hardware for Secure Communication’.





Your Life Counts – Safety, Day and Night


The percentage of elderly people is increasing all over the world. In many countries the number of flats and houses prepared for elderly people is also growing. These flats are specially equipped for the use of elderly people to help them live independently, safely and securely at home. These homes have an adequate interior design, e.g. an appropriate design of the bath room, and equipped with features to guarantee a high level of security. The Service Call devices are one of these important features. A local receiver can be reached by the use of different sensors, e.g. worn on the arm or mounted on the wall. In addition to this, sensors can control doors and windows. If an alarm is set by one of the sensors, a responsible person or medical assistant will be informed. Alternatively, a central alarm station can be informed and medically trained staff members will start the relevant and important actions. These Service Call systems require a very high reliability and ease of use.


Leesys offers a 100 years of experience in communication technology. We support our customers in the design and production of these life-saving systems.