Electronic Module Assembly

Electronic Module Assembly

Modern equipment, well planned processes and a responsible handling of materials are the cornerstone of high quality circuit board manufacturing. For Leesys, this starts even with just one piece. Depending on customer requests and technical requirements, Leesys uses various SMT and THT technologies.


Leesys offers you:

  • Surface Mounted Technology (SMT)

– laser marking
– stencil printing
– assembling of components 01005
– QFP, BGA, FC-CSP, QFN, 0,4 mm Fine Pitch
– inline programming
– reflow soldering under protective gas (N)

  • Vapor phase soldering
  • Through Hole Technology (THT)

– manual assembling
– radial assembling
– selective soldering, wave soldering, robots soldering

  • Depanelizing

– sawing, milling, roll cutting

  • Product protection

– finishing, sealing, underfilling

  • Traceability on component and board level



The Leesys team is looking forward to your request and will be pleased to advise you. You can reach our sales department under sales@leesys.com.