A skilled worker's certificate in your pocket and off you go into working life – 01/2019

Following their successful training as electronic technicians for industrial engineering, two young skilled workers were again able to sign their permanent employment contracts with Leesys at the end of January 2019. For Florian Blümel and Pascal Seeger this is a special highlight of their professional career.
Their use in Leesys' ultra-modern production has already been planned for a long time. Florian Blümel will provide active support to the maintenance department in the future, including preventive maintenance and servicing of the systems and machines. Pascal Seeger will be used as a troubleshooter in electronics production. His main tasks will then include troubleshooting and fault rectification. This requires a high degree of know-how in handling test equipment.

apprentices 2019


Florian Blümel sums up: "We have very nice and competent colleagues in the service department. There is a collegial environment and a relaxed working atmosphere. My colleagues and trainers have supported me with every problem that has arisen in my work. During my training, it was particularly important for me to have the freedom to solve problems on my own. I got an insight into the current technical environment of the Leesys machinery." For his future career, Blümel wishes to gain professional experience. He is now permanently employed as a service technician at Leesys. Pascal Seeger also underlines the collegial cooperation with colleagues and superiors: "I liked the directness within the department. A solution-oriented error culture is lived and the trainers, superiors and colleagues have supported me with every problem. The good atmosphere was important to me in order to learn a lot. I got a broad and at the same time deep insight into the individual divisions of Leesys," adds Seeger.
"We congratulate our trainees on passing their exams. Our apprentices can be very proud of their performance. Leesys consciously invests in young people and supports them on their career path. The excellent results are proof of the success of our commitment," says Sylvia Schulze, Head of Human Resources at Leesys.