The 3D solder paste inspection system (also called 3D-SPI) has become indispensable in today's modern SMT production. Its basic task is to prevent poorly printed circuit boards from being transferred to the next system. It is also used to analyze weak points in the printing process and to optimize the overall process.



The interfaces to the inspection systems have also become more intelligent. After initial experience with simple closed-loop controls to compensate for print offsets, new powerful computers and the use of Artificial Intelligence AI-optimized algorithms enable the complete optimization and control of the printing process parameters.

With the investment in further new 3D SPIs, the goal of equipping all SMT lines with an inline SPI is completed. The 3D measuring technology is leading in accuracy, reproducibility and speed.

“For some time we also used the SPI as an isolated solution,” says Olaf Laneus, Head of Technology. “We have now integrated inline systems for solder paste control in all SMT lines. As an isolated solution, the SPI has already brought us a lot to get to know and understand the process. The decision to now integrate the systems in all of our SMT lines has brought us one more step forward with a significantly higher yield combined with far better transparency. Interventions by employees in the process during production have also been greatly reduced. With the combination of the best technology, simple operation and extensive SPC analysis software, Leesys now ensures the same production processes on all SMT lines."