Energy Storage Systems - Digitalization leads to new business models

The energy transition has led to a large number of solar systems being installed by private homeowners on the roofs of their houses. These solar systems can produce electricity for own use, as well as being fed into the local power grid. The feed-in fee has been reduced in recent years and is currently still a good 12 cents per kilowatt hour. The consumer pays more than twice as much for every kilowatt hour of "socket power".
For this reason, it is ideal to couple the solar system with a battery to store the electricity generated during the day until consumption during the evening hours, when demand is usually highest.

New business models for energy distribution

Another approach is to link the photovoltaic systems and battery storage systems of several producers in order to transport excess electricity wherever it is needed. This is also a consequence of the energy transition, which is characterised by decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation. As a result, self-sufficient communities with renewable electricity from many different sources are born. In Germany, some of these networks are made up of several thousand partners. People who use electricity pay less than the usual electricity rate. And those who supply electricity receive more than the feed-in fee. In this context, the networked battery storage facilities form a quasi pumped storage power plant for the short-term storage of electrical energy. With the help of control software and suitable sensors, the filling level of the batteries, the current demand and the current own power generation are measured for all connected users and the power distribution is regulated accordingly. For the future, a strong increase in this decentralized energy supply, storage and use is predicted.

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In the future, industrial electronics suppliers will be successful in the field of energy storage systems, which possess the corresponding know-how in relevant areas.

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