Assisted Living

Assisted Living

The approach of „Assisted Living“ is combining different technological solutions to allow elderly people or individuals with cognitive and mobility constraints to live safely and securely in their own homes.

Active Intelligent Monitoring (AIM) is a system that monitors activity after leaving a bed or chair. This can be used for example for nightly bathrooms visits. It can be freely configured.

Situational Awareness is a new concept, consisting of a non-intrusive self-learning system that adapts to the user’s behavior. The system learns the activities of a user and, after a learning period, can detect unusual inactivity and generates an alarm.


The main advantage of both systems is that they reduce the time between an accident and the generating of an inactivity alarm. By enabling a medical emergency plan the potential risk of accidents and incidents can be significantly reduced.




Electronic systems in medical technology must be characterized by high reliability and outstanding ease of use.

We offer to you:

  • Consulting and development
  • Plastic processing and electronic manufacturing as a one-stop shop
  • Assembling of the entire equipment such as Service call- and nurse call systems
  • Very high level of quality "Made in Germany"
  • Maximum reliability
  • Flexibility in delivery date and quantity
  • Equivalent cost structure compared with the Asian market


Application examples:

  • Analyzer