Leesys environmental policy

We are convinced that a conscious and gentle acquaintance with our resources has a strong positive effect on the profitability and therefore on the performance of Leesys.

The compliance with the law is our top priority. In most cases our ambition to avoid environmental impact or at least to reduce it to a minimum goes beyond the legal requirements. In case of Leesys this is especially relevant for the internal environmental protection beginning with the design of a product, to its functional and ecological use at the customer and furthermore to the professional and ecological disposal.


Resource Management means to us :

  • designing processes and products in order to avoid litter
  • if litter could not be avoided we continuously work on reducing it
  • all incidental litter is separated consequently


Goals of our energy management:

  • configuration of technical processes in terms of a low energy consumption
  • analysis of consumption and initiation of projects with measuresto decrease the consumption