Plastic production at Leesys

Plastic production at Leesys

Plastic production at Leesys means: Plastics are used for the processing of housing parts and technical parts with high demands.


Leesys concentrates on A-visible parts (housing components) with special technologies such as InMoldDecoration, InMoldLabeling, 2-component injection moulding and sandwich injection moulding.


Leesys offers you the complete service

Service from a single source! With Leesys as your partner, you are always well advised: Electronics and plastics processing combined in one house, so that you can benefit from it already during the development process!


Thus, Leesys acts as contact person for the entire product!


An overview of all plastic production processes:

InMoldDecoration (IMD)

With the IMD, the hot stamping process is integrated into the injection mould. This means that a modified hot stamping foil is fed through the parting line of the mould with the aid of a film feed unit and injected behind the mould. Thanks to this process, surfaces of thermoplastic molded parts (during the injection moulding cycle) can be decorated within the injection mould without any further processing. The surface of the moulded part can be single-coloured, multicoloured, full-surface or provided with single-frame decors and lettering.

Plastic production at Leesys

InMoldLabeling (IML)

In this process of plastic production, labels (plastic films) are precisely inserted into the injection mould via a "handling device". The labels are fixed by means of a vacuum or static charge and then back-injected with plastic. By means of heat and pressure, the carrier films fuse to a final product.


2-Component injection moulding (2 colours)

This term describes all the plastic production processes in which two different types of plastic or plastic modifications are joined together by injection moulding in a single process. The plastic modification is basically the same type of plastic, but it contains different fillers or plasticizers. This process is extremely gentle and yet economical, since parts with several functional requirements (e. g. several colours, hard / soft etc.) can be produced in one work step and without major reworking.


Sandwich injection moulding

Characteristic for sandwich molded parts or for this process is the three-layer structure made of thermoplastic materials. Leesys uses regranulate as its core component. This has above all a cost-saving background.

Leesys has many years of experience in the field of plastics manufacturing, giving customers optimum advice. If you have any further questions about the processes of plastics production or their application, please contact the sales department Vertriebsabteilung. You can contact them at