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company's history Leesys

Leesys experience for more than 100 years - from the factory for transformers to the EMS service provider. "We are a start-up with 100 years of experience."


Dr. Dietz & Ritter - Factory for radio products and transformers

With the support of Körting & Mathiesen, two former employees of this company, the merchant Oswald Ritter and the technician Wilhelm Dietz, founded in 1925 the company Dr. Dietz & Ritter GmbH, a factory for radio products and transformers in Leipzig-Stötteritz. This was the start of the electronic hub Leipzig. The company was located in the former premises of the Graphische Kunstanstalt Dr. Trenkler & Co. in the Eichstädtstraße 11. The company initially produced transformers, power amplifiers and dynamic loudspeakers under the license of the American company Magnavox.

In 1948 the expropriation of the plant in Leipzig took place. The company was established in the GDR's producer association for radio- and telecommunications, called Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik RFT.

People´s enterprise „VEB Nachrichtenelektronik“

A large number of originally independent small and medium enterprises focused on production of equipment and devices for radio and telecommunication were nationalized in the course of the history of the GDR and summarized in the RFT. Some of these companies formed VVB RFT Radio and Fernmeldetechnik Leipzig, which later became the VEB RFT Kombinat Nachrichtenelektronik, so that Leipzig remained an electronics center.

Takeover by Siemens AG and foundation of Leesys

In 1990, Siemens AG took over formerly state-owned companies, including the electronic hub Leipzig and as part of this hub the company VEB Nachrichtenelektronik.

On July 1, 1990, the companies "Nachrichtenelektronik Leipzig GmbH i.A.", "Elektroakustik Leipzig GmbH" and "industry engineering GmbH" were founded.

The production of the HICOM100 telephone system and the EWSD printed circuit board assembly for Siemens was already started in March 1990.

On November 1, 1990, Siemens Kommunikationstechnik GmbH Leipzig was established, as a joint venture company of the Siemens divisions Public Communication Networks and Private Communication Systems.

Up to the move in 1999 to the present location in the Hertzstraße, extension stations were manufactured at the Melcherstraße site as well as power supplies. Since the start of business in 1997, 28 million phones have left the factory. In 2003, the first Wireless Modules were released. To date, 84 million modules have been delivered.

In 2010, the company expanded its range of products also for customers outside the direct Siemens environment. Electronic Manufacturing Services, plastic production and complete equipment, from small batch size series to large-volume mass production, were thus offered to a new market.

In 2012, the next logical step took place: The change of name to “Leesys - Leipzig Electronic Systems GmbH”. With the name "Leipzig Electronic Systems" a clear commitment was made to Leipzig, where the predecessor company was founded almost 100 years ago. The Leipzig location and the brand "Made in Germany" are successfully competing with Asian production sites.


Leesys - A success story with a future

In 2014, Quantum Capital Partners AG took over the Leipzig plant. Quantum Capital Partners (QCP) is a fast-growing international investment company based in Munich. Together, opportunities and potential for the sustainable success of the Leesys are identified.
Thus, the Leesys - Leipzig Electonic Systems GmbH secures the future of Leipzig as an electronics location.
Secure hardware for secure communication, this is the Leesys vision for the future - Made in Germany!